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The phone rings while Claire is rummaging through the library and getting her hands on every piece of lore that deals with a Leviathan. She almost doesn’t pick it up but the screen flashes that it’s her dad calling. Her father’s voice sounds labored while he tells her to get out of where she is. So he’s maybe heard of what happened then.

“Dad, I’m fine.” She pulls off another book from the shelf and writes notes down. Maybe Dashiel or Dean can make use of these. “You’ve heard about what happened to Castiel then. I can’t leave.”

"You need to!" He sounds desparate, more than desperate - but that’s because he is. She just doesn’t understand. She’s his daughter - she can’t stay in danger like this, she just can’t! "Please Claire!"

She’s said she’s fine, but he doesn’t believe it, he can’t fight the overwhelming urge to be there, to stand in front of her, sheild in hand, wherever she turns. He can’t fight the need to be there, protect her, even if she’s had months more training than him. She’s his little girl, he can’t just sit back.

"At least tell me where you are! I need to see you." 

And God-freaking-dammit, Jimmy uses the lords name in vain, because really, where is god now? When he needs him most, where is anybody?

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genevieveohara-deactivated20111 said: Jimmy, did nobody tell you?

Tell me what?!

askcas-deactivated20120102 said: Hello, Jimmy. I am almost out of time so this will be quick. I would like to apologize for all the things that you had been through due to my choices and my actions. All these trials would end someday, and your stay in Heaven with Claire is secured. Always be strong. Everything will come to pass and will be all right in the end. Thank you for the great service you've given me, and the memories of humanity you've shared with me. They are appreciated.

Castiel…what? Out of time? What the hell’s happening Cas?!


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claireanddashiel said: Leaves a message in voicemail: Hi Dad listen I miss you and I don't want our last conversation to be the way we left things. This is my number call when you can.

Jimmy calls her, hands shaking, he can feel it in his gut, something isn’t right, something’s wrong, very wrong. He could feel it in the way Castiel had simply left, left him sitting there, broken on the floor, the way he’d looked him in the eyes, and something had changed.

"Claire, trust me, Claire," He breaths, fast, rapid into the mouthpiece, "You need to get out of there, fast."

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OOC: Got bored and therefore gave myself a haircut. And then proceeded to take a shitty picture of it with my webcam.

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